Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Arena rules & Info...

Since the other site is still down, here's a screenshot of the arena itself and the corresponding track info.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Turn 4 Phase 5 Movement Continued...

Rakow moves straight, hitting the pavement and losing control.
Rick moves straight.

David drops Mines.
Rick drops Ice.

End of Turn
Rick fails to catch on fire.
Anthony fails to catch on fire from the burn mod, but the Incendiary damage to his PP does cause a fire. He explodes, damaging Rakow's left side and tossing debris and obstacles.

Turn 5 Phase 1
I need speed from

Monday, October 22, 2007

Turn 4 Phase 4 - Combat

David drops mines.
Rakow's Driver radios, "If you're not rubbin', you're not racing!" His Gunner fires three RL's at Anthony. He connects with the left side on all three. The first takes out the armor and sends some damage internal. The second takes out the driver for a full kill. An obstacle is dropped and he takes damage to his front right tire. He also loses control.
+40 to Rakow
-40 to Anthony

New point totals:
David +40
Rakow +40
DuBois zero
Mike zero
Billy zero
Rick zero
Anthony -40
Jeffrey -40

Turn 4 Phase 5 Movement
David moves straight.
Rakow fishtails 30 deg CCW - then ?

I need Rakow's movement to continue.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Turn 4 Phase 4

David makes a D1 drift right.

For combat, I need possible instructions from David.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More movement...

Sorry for the delay - trying to get back on track now...

Rick makes a D2 left bend.
Mike moves straight, hitting ice.

Blogger is apparently having an issue with uploading photos tonight. I'll email the map with the update.

David drops mines.
Rick drops ice.

Turn 4 Phase 4
I need movement from David.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Update - 10/11/07

Turn 4 Phase 2 - Combat
David drops mines.
Rick drops Ice.
Mike's Gunner fires his TL at Rick, hitting his side. Both RL's hit and debris is created.
Billy fires at DuBois, hitting his left with all three VMG's. Debris is dropped.

Turn 4 Phase 3 - Movement
David makes a D2 right bend.
Rakow makes a D2 left bend, sideswiping Anthony.

I need movement from Rick...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rest of Movement

Turn 4 Phase 2 - continued
Rick makes a D3 bend left.

I need instructions from Billy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Partial Movement

Jeffrey, being dead, maintains (I've made a note so hopefully I won't make that mistake again...).

David moves straight.
Rakow makes a D3 right bend.

I'm holding for Rick's movement.

Combat Update

Turn 4 Phase 1 Combat
David drops more mines.
Rick drops Ice
Anthony fires his VMG at Rakow, hitting his front right tire. The shot hits the guard, proving it to be fake and destroying it before damaging the tire beneath.

Turn 4 Phase 2
I need possible speed change from Jeffrey, then I'll need movement from David & Rick.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Both Billy and DuBois move at the same time. Billy makes a D1 left bend and DuBois moves straight. They head-on each other. DuBois' BT fires his VMG's, but Billy is not in the path.

They come to a stop with DuBois dropping debris (it damages Billy's back tires, all except the inside left) and Billy losing metal and dropping an obstacle.

Mike makes a D5 left bend.
Anthony moves straight 1/4" then pivots left.
Jeffrey moves straight 1/2".

I need instructions from:

Play by Play

Here's the play by play through the first part of Turn 4 Phase 1 Movement -

David, Rakow & Rick move straight.

Billy, DuBois & Mike are all moving at 20 with the same reflex, so they'll move at the same time. I need Mike's movement, then I'll need Anthony's movement.

Turn 4 Phase 1
David accelerates to 55.
Rakow & Rick accelerate to 40.
Billy, DuBois & Mike accelerate to 20.
Jeffrey slows to 5.
Anthony accelerates to 5.

End of Turn
Rick fails to catch fire.

David drops a mine.

Turn 3 Phase 5
David moves straight, hitting the pavement. He can now fire at anyone.
Rakow & Rick move straight.

Turn 3 Phase 3
David & Rakow move straight.
Rick makes a D3 right bend.
Billy, DuBois & Mike move straight 1/2".

Mike's Gunner trains his TL on Rick, hitting. Both RL's hit and debris is created.

Turn 3 Phase 2
David moves straight 1/2".

Rakow fires at Anthony again, hitting with all three RL's. The plastic armor is removed and an obstacle is dropped.
Rick fires his HMG's at Mike, missing with each.

David makes a D3 drift right, T-Boning Jeffrey and slowing to 35. An obstacle is dropped from each car and Jeffrey's driver is killed - full kill to David. David takes tire damage to the back left tire. Jeffrey takes tire damage to both right tires.
Rakow, Rick, Billy & DuBois move straight.
Mike makes a D2 bend right.
Jeffrey moves straight.

Turn 3 Phase 1
David accelerates to 70.
Rakow & Rick accelerate to 30.
Billy maintains 15.
DuBois & Mike maintain 15.
Jeffrey maintains 10.
Anthony comes to a stop.

Rakow triggers 3 hidden RL's on his front, firing at Anthony. The first two miss but the third connects - Incendiary Ammo! Anthony's FP armor foils Rakow's flammable plans...

Turn 2 Phase 5
David moves straight.

Turn 2 Phase 3
David makes a D1 left bend.
Rakow makes a "less than" D1 bend right.
Rick moves straight.
Billy moves straight 1/2".

Mike's Gunner fires the FT at Rick, missing.

Turn 2 Phase 2
David moves straight, hitting the dirt.

David's car has black smoke pouring out of the engine compartment...
Rick fires at Mike, missing with both HMG's.
Billy fires at Jeffrey, hitting his back with two of three VMG's. Debris is dropped while Billy radios, "Sounds good to me Mike - thanks for the support."
Anthony radios, "Mike...I asked if anyone wanted to gang up on Billy, but received no reply from anyone. So everyone is still a target, like they are for you."

David, Rakow, Rick, Billy & DuBois move straight.
Mike makes a D3 left bend, hitting the dirt. Over the CB he says, "Anthony! You say attack Billy and shoot at me? I think I'll assist Billy in Killing you next. What do you say Bill?"
Jeffrey makes a "less than" D5 right bend, hitting the dirt.
Anthony makes a D6 right bend in reverse, hitting the dirt.

Turn 2 Phase 1
David accelerates to 40.
Rakow & Rick accelerate to 20.
Billy accelerates to 15.
DuBois, Mike & Jeffrey accelerate to 10.
Anthony accelerates to -10.

End of Turn
Rick fails to catch fire.

Turn 1 Phase 5
Rick fires his linked HMG's at Mike, missing with both.
Mike's gunner fires at Rick with his TL, hitting his front. The first RL connects, causing debris and a fire mod. The other misses.

Turn 1 Phase 4
I need instructions from Rick.

Rick - radio reply - "Max that's quite a mouthful for 1/10th of a second!"
Billy - CB reply: "I say let's not gang up on Billy - but thanks for the complement! I just wonder who your next target for a gang up would be after me?"

Turn 1 Phase 3
Anthony accelerates to -5.
David moves straight.

Anthony fires at Mike with his front VMG, missing. His driver, Mad Max, says over the CB, "Hey you all see that?? Billy is capable of picking us all off one by one from long range!!! We all better think about this and gang up on that sniper...otherwise you or I could be the next one to be hit with 3 VMG's from half way across the arena and not be able to do anything about it. What does everyone say...lets gang up on Billy then get back to killing each other?"

Turn 1 Phase 2
Anthony accelerates to -5.

Billy fires his three VMG's at Jeffrey. All three hit and an obstacle is dropped at his left side.
Jefferery fires two HMG's at David, missing with both.

David & Rakow move straight.
Rick makes a D1 right bend, hitting the dirt.
Billy, DuBois, Mike & Jeffrey move straight 1/2".

Turn 1 Phase 1
Jeffrey, DuBois & Mike accelerate to 5.
Rakow accelerates to 10.
Billy accelerates to 5.
David accelerates to 20.
Rick accelerates to 10.
Anthony makes no reply, maintaining zero.