Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Turn 5 Phase 4
David moves straight.

David drops Mines.

Turn 5 Phas 5
David makes a D1 right.
Rick continues to spin.
David moves straight 1/2".


End of Turn
Rick fails to catch fire - burn mods are gone.
DuBois fails to catch fire.

Turn 6 Phase 1
I need speed from David, Billy & Rakow.

Update & Correction

I forgot to add a debris counter when Rakow hit the wall.

Turn 5 Phase 3
David moves straight.
Rick continues to spin, hitting the dirt.
Mikes skids 1", slowing to 5 and taking tire damage.

David drops Mines.

Turn 5 Phase 4
I need movement from David.


David drops Mines.
Rick drops Ice.

Turn 5 Phase 2
Rakow attempts to slow down, losing control.
David moves straight, hitting the pavement.
Rakow crashes into the wall, taking damage to his left side and coming to a stop.

David drops Mines.
Billy fires all three VMG's at DuBois, hitting with each. The last one takes the plastic away and damage goes internal.

Turn 5 Phase 3
I need movement from David.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Mike makes a D3 right bend, losing control.
DuBois moves straight 1/4" then pivots 270 degrees right.
Billy moves straight back 1/2".

I need instructions from Billy.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rakow's movement

He makes a D6 right bend after the fishtail.

I also added a vector arrow for Rick's spinout.

Here's the map - still holding for the rest of the movement.

Update (finally )

As I just told MH35, sorry for the delay guys... As someone pointed out, usually I send a "too busy for an update" update, but have not felt like myself recently. Turns out I have sleep apnea so I intend to get back to my old self very soon.

Turn 5 Phse 1
David accelerates to 75.
Rakow maintains 40.
Rick accelerates to 50.
Mike accelerates to 25.
Jeffrey stops.
Billy goes to -5.
DuBois accelerates to 5.

David moves straight.
Rick attempts a left bend and loses control. He spins 90 degrees & slows to 30, taking tire damage.
Rakow fishtails 30 deg CCW.

I need Rakow's movement after fishtail, then I need movement from Mike, DuBois & Billy.

Also, the old MADHAT site is on a server with a bad power supply. As soon as it's replaced, the site will be back up. Does everyone want to move back there or stay here, or does it really matter?